Monday, March 10, 2008

This past Saturday I ran LBL 50 miler. I had a great time and it was so good to see so many people that I know and others that have done some of our races. It snowed and I, as many, probably were not sure they would make it there. The day was perfect temp. not cold just snow, then slush, then mud and water on the trail. The trail is a loop course, like Otter Creeek, so each loop got muddier as the runners ran. The messier the better. It is amazing to me how so many can start a race and I can go for hours and not see anyone but the volunteers. I love this about trail running. This year I had not trained as I did last year and by the second loop my hamstings and gluts were hurting! I really did not know if I would make it the whole way. To my surprize I felt better the third loop and my best the fourth. I really believe your mind and prayer can get you long way. Being alone for so long and moving gives me alot of time to think. This time I thought about all the things I need to change. I heard a song that said that it is not what you have or what you do but who you are that matters. This is so true! All that really matters is how you play the game not if you win or lose. I thought of this often. What mattered Saturday was not weather I won or not but if I did my best. I think in the end I did the best I could have have for that day. Ellen, that won LLTH 30k, won this race ( for the women, I think second overall) and ran under 8 hours. That is amazing!!!
I have also thought about loyality this past week. I see how important it is for me as a racer to be loyal to the companies and people that sponsor races. It is also important for me to be loyal to my friends. I know I would not be where I am today without the people that have helped me. For this I am greatful. I hope someday to be able to give back.
And, maybe the best way to give back is to be the best I can be.
Have a great day,