Sunday, May 18, 2008

Yesterday was the Taylosville Lake Triathlon. Thank you to all that came. I hope you enjoyed the race even with the strong winds. This year there were several people from other places. The guy who won was from Cleveland and the lady from some other state. I always wonder how people from other places get here. We do not advertize and our races are pretty small. (i think i need to learn about marketing). Everyone I spoke to seem to have enjoyed the area. The course is beautiful and people from Ky. are so friendly. I think that is really what makes it. I had wonderful volenteers. There are many who come to every race to help out and they do such a great job!!! I feel like I know the nicest people. As for the race, Todd and I sat down last night to go over what was good and what needs to change for next year. I think next year the ending for the Aquabike will have to change. As people came down the hill on their bikes I yelled "Aquabike left" and many thought I said "off your bike". I am sorry if this caused any confusion. Many people also change from one race to the other. If you have any suggestions please let me know. Jeff Fortez was the sponsor and I was so impressed. He worked on people all day!!! What a great touch. Shelly took pictures so check out her web site.

Shelbyville Triathlon is June 14, Today, Susan, Eric, and I rode the course. Due to road closer this year the course has changed from last year. It goes to Bagdad, simular to the last Max Performance race. If there are no winds this will be a fast course. Hope to see you all there.

Happy training!!!