Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Otter Creek

Hey everyone!!!!
It has been a long time since I have written on this blog. So much has happened since the summer. I now work full time again at the hospital, which takes up big chunk of my time.
Often my mail; box is full and I am slow to read my e-mails. I am very sorry but please do not give up on me. It has taken some adjusting to working so much. I cannot complain for I am happy to be working.

Otter Creek was this past weekend and I think all went well. There were so many people and I did not expect it. I am sure many came as a farewell to a beautiful park. To me it was very sad. I have loved running those trails over the years, I always feel so close to God and all those that I have loved when I am out there. I know it may sound crazy but it is true. When I am running and tired I gain strength from the beauty, the wildlife, the solitude. It forces me to look within and strive to be a better person. I zlways leave reneweda nd full of joy. Otter Creek will be missed by many. I hope all that came to the race had a great time. Thank Ken Combs Runniing Store for it's support of the race over all these years. It ahs been my pleasures to have them involved.

Louisville Lovi'n the Hills is set for Feb. 14 this year. You may or may not know this has been a CRR race and a few weeks ago they voted to give the race to me. What a nice surprize. I have always loved this race. There is only 2 months till then so I do not have much time. You can sign up on active but there are not paper entries as of yet. Hopefully by the end of the week you can. Ed's blog foung on our website is the best place to find information about llth. ed has done a great job!!!! The Trail Store will be the sponsor again this year. Instead of meeting at the Horine Center before and after the race we will meet in the camp grounds. Since it is Valintine's Day the park has something scheduled in the Horine Center. This will be a great arace so I hope to see you there.

Christmas is soon so I wish everyone a very merry Christmas. May God bless you and your families and may this be the best holiday season ever!!!

See you at Hangover


Sunday, May 18, 2008

Yesterday was the Taylosville Lake Triathlon. Thank you to all that came. I hope you enjoyed the race even with the strong winds. This year there were several people from other places. The guy who won was from Cleveland and the lady from some other state. I always wonder how people from other places get here. We do not advertize and our races are pretty small. (i think i need to learn about marketing). Everyone I spoke to seem to have enjoyed the area. The course is beautiful and people from Ky. are so friendly. I think that is really what makes it. I had wonderful volenteers. There are many who come to every race to help out and they do such a great job!!! I feel like I know the nicest people. As for the race, Todd and I sat down last night to go over what was good and what needs to change for next year. I think next year the ending for the Aquabike will have to change. As people came down the hill on their bikes I yelled "Aquabike left" and many thought I said "off your bike". I am sorry if this caused any confusion. Many people also change from one race to the other. If you have any suggestions please let me know. Jeff Fortez was the sponsor and I was so impressed. He worked on people all day!!! What a great touch. Shelly took pictures so check out her web site.

Shelbyville Triathlon is June 14, Today, Susan, Eric, and I rode the course. Due to road closer this year the course has changed from last year. It goes to Bagdad, simular to the last Max Performance race. If there are no winds this will be a fast course. Hope to see you all there.

Happy training!!!

Monday, March 10, 2008

This past Saturday I ran LBL 50 miler. I had a great time and it was so good to see so many people that I know and others that have done some of our races. It snowed and I, as many, probably were not sure they would make it there. The day was perfect temp. not cold just snow, then slush, then mud and water on the trail. The trail is a loop course, like Otter Creeek, so each loop got muddier as the runners ran. The messier the better. It is amazing to me how so many can start a race and I can go for hours and not see anyone but the volunteers. I love this about trail running. This year I had not trained as I did last year and by the second loop my hamstings and gluts were hurting! I really did not know if I would make it the whole way. To my surprize I felt better the third loop and my best the fourth. I really believe your mind and prayer can get you long way. Being alone for so long and moving gives me alot of time to think. This time I thought about all the things I need to change. I heard a song that said that it is not what you have or what you do but who you are that matters. This is so true! All that really matters is how you play the game not if you win or lose. I thought of this often. What mattered Saturday was not weather I won or not but if I did my best. I think in the end I did the best I could have have for that day. Ellen, that won LLTH 30k, won this race ( for the women, I think second overall) and ran under 8 hours. That is amazing!!!
I have also thought about loyality this past week. I see how important it is for me as a racer to be loyal to the companies and people that sponsor races. It is also important for me to be loyal to my friends. I know I would not be where I am today without the people that have helped me. For this I am greatful. I hope someday to be able to give back.
And, maybe the best way to give back is to be the best I can be.
Have a great day,

Sunday, February 24, 2008

This morning I am leaving to go see my sister in Charleston S.C.. I am excited about the visit but nervous too. We have alot of races to plan for the year and my mind is everywhere. In order to put on good races we need sponsors, any ideas please send my way. I think sponsoring a triathlon or duathlon is a great opportunity for any business. We are a loyal group of people. I have found this part of business difficult for me yet, I see that I am not asking for a donation. I think we offer a valuable service to any company that is interested. We want to put on the great races that you deserve so anyone wanting to know more about this please call.

On a different note, I signed up to run lbl and I am looking forward to this. It is a trail run and in such a beautiful place. I think trail running has helped my endurance, which helps my im training. Max Performance 2 is March 2. If you ahve not signed up come that day. It should be in the 40's. I think it is the day after the athem 5k which makes for 2 great races back to back.
Anyone wanting to volunteer just contact me. I decided to give out coupons of $5.oo off of any of our races to people who come to help. You can collect them if you help at more than one and use them any time of the year. The longer races the coupons will be for more.

Have a great day and be careful of the ice. Perhaps it will all melt today!! I have seen a few falls with my friends running. It is hard to stay inside!!!

Monday, February 18, 2008

louisville lovin' the hills 2008

Yesterday as I ran along the Red and Orange trail at Jefferson Forest with Harriet and Regan, my beloved dogs and running partners, many thoughts and emotions went through my mind.
The race was Saturday and Todd did well in thanking everyone and telling about the race on his blog. So, I thought I would just share my thoughts.
I have been involved with this race since the beginning as a runner. As each year came I became more involved by helping with the markings. Last year Brenda and Joan did a wonderful job of everything. When asked to be the race director I must say I was alittle nervous. These were big shoes to fill! And honestly, I have been lost a many of times on these trails. As it turned out in Jan. there was not anyone to do the race so I became the race director.
I love detail, and all that is involved in planning a race. It is like planning a party and I am the hostess. I wanted everything to be perfect and everyone to have a great time. Day after day I made list and planned what I needed to do. This is like Otter Creek on a grander scale for there is so many more miles to cover and volunteers needed.
The night before I felt so blessed. The boys, Chase, Grant, and Bobby came as well as Brenda and Kim, and another young girl to help set up. It made everything go so much smoother and quicker. !0p.m. Todd and I set out to put up the last signs on the trail. The sky was bright and so beautiful. I thought we were in pretty good shape.
The race started fine, then around the lake alot of people got confused as to were to go. I went and stayed at that turn till all went by. I am sorry for anyone who got lost and realized a real person needs to be stationed there. I am sure there were other areas where the marking could have been better or the course was different than previos years. For this I can only say I did the best I could do at the time. The weather the week before made it hard to go over the entire trail a second time. I found on race day my emotions were up and down....
After the race I thought could I do this again?
Then yesterday, with Regan and Harriet, I realized that yes I could. I love the trails. I love being outside with my animals. I love the beauty and the quieteness. I love the birds I saw. Iactually saw an owl, at least 100 wild turkey and some blue jays. I know in some small way it is my way to give to others. I know that without having cjhildren my life can be a selfish one. I need to not only live for myself but for others too. Doing this race, like Otter Creek, is my chance to give.
I am so thankful for all the wonderful friends and family I have. I often think I would like to write a book on the people I know. I learn from each one. For some reason I have thought alot about this since the race. Brenda has taught me to think of ideas. Kim has such a passion for life. Ed, whom I just really met, although really quiet is so smart and kind. Chase and Bobby, the college boys really impressed me during the race. If you have not met these two, they work for Todd and I. They are funny. And of course Todd, he is really better suited to be in charge just let me make the calls. He has always supported and loved me.
Tomorrow I am taking down the streamers on the siltstone. I look forward to being out there. Harriet and Regan are excited too.

Monday, January 28, 2008

max performance

Good afternoon everyone. I just came back from a bike ride and I am so happy. I thought it was too cold prior to going but I realized that I am tougher than I thought. It was not that cold. We started in about 30 something degrees and except for my fingers and toes that is not bad. I have always been able to run at any temp but cycling I just have not even tried. I rode with Larry Holt and I enjoyed the company. For your information he now sells tri stuff at Ken Combs Running Store, clothes and gear, so keep that in mind if you need anything.
I need good gloves and foot covers...then my ride would be perfect!
As a race director I always feel like I am learning about my job. I feel I grow each year in knowing what I should do. I realize how important our sponsors are. Without them there would not be a race. I just want to say thank you to all that support us, especially Larry for all he has given and done.

Max Performance Tri race one, a.k.a. Polar Bear Tri, is Sunday. It is not going to be that cold out so a great time to practice you transitions!!! This race is sponsored by Max Performance physical therapy and sport rehab center. Alice Creque is wonderful and does so much for our community. If you get a chance introduce yourself to her Sunday.
Tom Wagner, who owns Main Street Bikes will give bike support.
Mckinnley's Sandwhich Shop donates bread.
If you want to volunteer please give me a call.

Have a great day and enjoy a ride.


Tuesday, January 8, 2008

hi everyone!!!
i think i must be a terrible blogger. i noticed today that a lady wrote a comment in oct. and i never responded. i am sorry. i actually did not notice that i could get comments and that i could respond back. i will do better.
feb. 16 is lovin' the hills. this is a cherokee road runners race and this year we are helping. the trail store is the sponsor this year. there will be packet pick up at the trail store feb.15 10-7 as well as the morning of the race at jefferson memorial forest. if you come to otter creek and enjoyed the race i think you will like this as well. there is a 15 miler and a 50k. i have always loved this race, and if i can figure out how to direct and run i will. this race offers i recommend trail shoes here. otter creek is very runable this is different. you may have to walk up a steep hill ( just think of the great down hills!).
check out the lovin' in the hills web site and if you have any questions please ask.

max performance races are coming soon. these are great beginner race or just for practicing. last year it was 11 degrees for the polar bear!!! i was sooo impressed with all the people that came. there always seems to be a competitive crowd for these race. max performance physical therapy in shelbyville is the sponsor for these races. and the proceeds go to our wonderful family activity center. we are very liucky for a small community to have such a place!

as for me it is a new year with new beginnings. i am a goal setter and always excited about a new start. this year i plan to not lose my glasses during transition of the ironman. i also hope to master the swim. i am an old school swimmer and rotating my hips is quite a chore, but i am working on it. i hope to take 10 minutes off last years time. of course, the bike is my worse sport. as much as i try i just do not seem to get better. lucky for me i ahve many great friends that are willing to help me. i am always in the back of the pack though and it is hard to feel like you hold others up. i just have to work harder!!! whatever your goals are, do not give up. we have a whole year to conquer what may seem impossible.
good luck and happy training