Sunday, February 24, 2008

This morning I am leaving to go see my sister in Charleston S.C.. I am excited about the visit but nervous too. We have alot of races to plan for the year and my mind is everywhere. In order to put on good races we need sponsors, any ideas please send my way. I think sponsoring a triathlon or duathlon is a great opportunity for any business. We are a loyal group of people. I have found this part of business difficult for me yet, I see that I am not asking for a donation. I think we offer a valuable service to any company that is interested. We want to put on the great races that you deserve so anyone wanting to know more about this please call.

On a different note, I signed up to run lbl and I am looking forward to this. It is a trail run and in such a beautiful place. I think trail running has helped my endurance, which helps my im training. Max Performance 2 is March 2. If you ahve not signed up come that day. It should be in the 40's. I think it is the day after the athem 5k which makes for 2 great races back to back.
Anyone wanting to volunteer just contact me. I decided to give out coupons of $5.oo off of any of our races to people who come to help. You can collect them if you help at more than one and use them any time of the year. The longer races the coupons will be for more.

Have a great day and be careful of the ice. Perhaps it will all melt today!! I have seen a few falls with my friends running. It is hard to stay inside!!!

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