Monday, February 18, 2008

louisville lovin' the hills 2008

Yesterday as I ran along the Red and Orange trail at Jefferson Forest with Harriet and Regan, my beloved dogs and running partners, many thoughts and emotions went through my mind.
The race was Saturday and Todd did well in thanking everyone and telling about the race on his blog. So, I thought I would just share my thoughts.
I have been involved with this race since the beginning as a runner. As each year came I became more involved by helping with the markings. Last year Brenda and Joan did a wonderful job of everything. When asked to be the race director I must say I was alittle nervous. These were big shoes to fill! And honestly, I have been lost a many of times on these trails. As it turned out in Jan. there was not anyone to do the race so I became the race director.
I love detail, and all that is involved in planning a race. It is like planning a party and I am the hostess. I wanted everything to be perfect and everyone to have a great time. Day after day I made list and planned what I needed to do. This is like Otter Creek on a grander scale for there is so many more miles to cover and volunteers needed.
The night before I felt so blessed. The boys, Chase, Grant, and Bobby came as well as Brenda and Kim, and another young girl to help set up. It made everything go so much smoother and quicker. !0p.m. Todd and I set out to put up the last signs on the trail. The sky was bright and so beautiful. I thought we were in pretty good shape.
The race started fine, then around the lake alot of people got confused as to were to go. I went and stayed at that turn till all went by. I am sorry for anyone who got lost and realized a real person needs to be stationed there. I am sure there were other areas where the marking could have been better or the course was different than previos years. For this I can only say I did the best I could do at the time. The weather the week before made it hard to go over the entire trail a second time. I found on race day my emotions were up and down....
After the race I thought could I do this again?
Then yesterday, with Regan and Harriet, I realized that yes I could. I love the trails. I love being outside with my animals. I love the beauty and the quieteness. I love the birds I saw. Iactually saw an owl, at least 100 wild turkey and some blue jays. I know in some small way it is my way to give to others. I know that without having cjhildren my life can be a selfish one. I need to not only live for myself but for others too. Doing this race, like Otter Creek, is my chance to give.
I am so thankful for all the wonderful friends and family I have. I often think I would like to write a book on the people I know. I learn from each one. For some reason I have thought alot about this since the race. Brenda has taught me to think of ideas. Kim has such a passion for life. Ed, whom I just really met, although really quiet is so smart and kind. Chase and Bobby, the college boys really impressed me during the race. If you have not met these two, they work for Todd and I. They are funny. And of course Todd, he is really better suited to be in charge just let me make the calls. He has always supported and loved me.
Tomorrow I am taking down the streamers on the siltstone. I look forward to being out there. Harriet and Regan are excited too.


Jeffro said...

I think you and all volunteers did a great job. I'm already looking forward to next year. Lord willing, I'll be there.

I had no idea what a buff was until I picked mine up Saturday morning. I agree it's totally cool even if my wife did laugh at me when I modeled it for her.

cynthia heady said...

the buffs are funny, but what a great piece of cotton!!! you will make it next year! you did great, finishing this race is an accomplishment!