Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Otter Creek

Hey everyone!!!!
It has been a long time since I have written on this blog. So much has happened since the summer. I now work full time again at the hospital, which takes up big chunk of my time.
Often my mail; box is full and I am slow to read my e-mails. I am very sorry but please do not give up on me. It has taken some adjusting to working so much. I cannot complain for I am happy to be working.

Otter Creek was this past weekend and I think all went well. There were so many people and I did not expect it. I am sure many came as a farewell to a beautiful park. To me it was very sad. I have loved running those trails over the years, I always feel so close to God and all those that I have loved when I am out there. I know it may sound crazy but it is true. When I am running and tired I gain strength from the beauty, the wildlife, the solitude. It forces me to look within and strive to be a better person. I zlways leave reneweda nd full of joy. Otter Creek will be missed by many. I hope all that came to the race had a great time. Thank Ken Combs Runniing Store for it's support of the race over all these years. It ahs been my pleasures to have them involved.

Louisville Lovi'n the Hills is set for Feb. 14 this year. You may or may not know this has been a CRR race and a few weeks ago they voted to give the race to me. What a nice surprize. I have always loved this race. There is only 2 months till then so I do not have much time. You can sign up on active but there are not paper entries as of yet. Hopefully by the end of the week you can. Ed's blog foung on our website is the best place to find information about llth. ed has done a great job!!!! The Trail Store will be the sponsor again this year. Instead of meeting at the Horine Center before and after the race we will meet in the camp grounds. Since it is Valintine's Day the park has something scheduled in the Horine Center. This will be a great arace so I hope to see you there.

Christmas is soon so I wish everyone a very merry Christmas. May God bless you and your families and may this be the best holiday season ever!!!

See you at Hangover